Yui (yuizaki_libra) wrote,

This makes me feel disheartened every time...

...people edit my subs and remove all the credit yet again.

So I was in the middle of subbing Umareru, and needed a little break. Surfed around several sites and saw Raiou subs uploaded on one. Instinctively I clicked on the link out of curiosity (not really, I knew what was going to happen), scrolled through the subs, and realized my credit was removed. Boom!

Now the rant shall start.

Apparently, there are reasons why I don't f-lock my lj and don't hardsub anything. Why? Because I think softsubs are more convenient. Both for me and for others. If I have to start hardsubbing, I'd rather stop subbing altogether. And I don't f-lock anything because I don't see the point of not sharing something I love. But these people are making it so hard for me not to impose one of those things.

I admit I'm not the nicest person on earth. I'm bitchy and in mood swings way too often. But must they go and make me feel this terrible now, right after I just got to know some of the nicest people here just a day ago?

You may say that it is inevitable that there will still be people doing that, no matter what. I am aware too, that's why I try to distance myself from those kinds of forums or websites that post subs without credit. Not that I know many of them anyway, and I don't have that kind of free time. Even if I do, I'd still better off subbing something rather than stalking their page, stalking the people who post my subs and asking them (nicely) not to post the subs whatsoever. But alright. I have just this one request to people who ARE GOING TO POST MY SUBS ANYWAY. Keep those things away from me. Which means, if I know you and your page (mostly lj), then don't you ever post my subs there, if you still want the subs to keep coming! It's not a threat, it's just reality.

/end rant. Sorry for the aggravation.

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