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Genji Monogatari - Sennen no Nazo (2011 Movie) [Eng subs]

Phew! So I was back from my vacation, and guess what? I was determined to finish up translating this movie. Yes, finally. It actually took me quite a bit of time, and my translation still doesn't do a lot of justice to this beautiful movie. I have to say I was most impressed with Tanaka Rena's performance as Lady Rokujo, though the rest of the cast did an excellent job as well.

Genji Monogatari - Sennen no Nazo (2011 Movie) starring Ikuta Toma and Nakatani Miki

Softsubs  zippyshare  filecloud

Translated by me and melkarie
The subs should work with the raw provided by plotboxes

Strictly no hardsubbing, re-uploading and re-posting of these subs.
Please do not edit my subs and put your name in as if they were yours (MyAsianCinema etc).
Please read this post if you're going to repost them anyway
If you're using these subs for any purpose, please let me know.
Tags: *subbed movie, movie: genji monogatari

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