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Umareru. (2011 Spring) [Eng subs]

Umareru. (2011 Spring) starring Horikita Maki and Okura Tadayoshi

Download link @D-addicts

Ep 1: Done.
Umareru ep01 (704x396)

Ep 2: Done
Umareru ep02 (704x396)

Ep 3: Done
Umareru ep03 (704x396)
Umareru ep03 (1280x720 x264)

Ep 4: Done
Umareru ep04 (704x396)
Umareru ep04 (1280x720 x264)

Translator's note for ep 4:
- AFT = amniotic fluid test
- For AFT, a positive result means that the baby is likely to have birth defect.
- Around the 12:29 minute, the sub reads "It happens to 1 in 1000 people at their 40s." but it should be "1 in 100." Pardon my typo. Thanks to earthbabie for pointing out :)

Ep 5: Guys, how are you feeling about the drama? Enjoying it much?
Umareru ep05 (704x396)
Umareru ep05 (1280x720 x264)

Ep 6: Managed to get this done while in the frenzy ε-(´・`) フー Everyone's gotten busy lately :)
Umareru ep06 (704x396)
Umareru ep06 (1280x720 x264)

Ep 7: Whee~
Umareru ep07 (704x396)
Umareru ep07 (1280x720 x264)

Ep 8: Done :)
Umareru ep08 (704x396)
Umareru ep08 (1280x720 x264)

Ep 9: It was a long wait, I know. Thanks to all the people who sent me encouraging messages, I could get this done. Now, only one episode left!!
Umareru ep09 (704x396)
Umareru ep09 (1280x720 x264)

Ep 10: And the drama is done. Thanks everyone for sticking with me till the end. You have truly been patient and understanding.
Umareru ep10 finale (704x396)
Umareru ep10 finale (1280x720 x264)

Pass for all MF links: libra
Many thanks to lillie_frost for her timely QC work <3
The subs are timed according to the RAW posted at ourhour and D-A.
Re-timed subs for 1280 RAWs by nomanymore

Translator's note: I keep some of the pronouns in Japanese. (it's a family drama anyway)
- Otou-san = father
- Okaa-san = mother
- Nii-chan = brother
- Nee-chan = sister
- Aniki  =eldest brother
- Aneki = eldest sister
- Henshuuchou = editor-in-chief
- Oku-san = name to denote wife of another person
- Oji-san = uncle
- Shachou = director

No re-uploading and re-posting of these subs.
If you're using these subs for any purpose, please let me know.

Tags: *subbed drama, drama: umareru.
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